10 Questions To Ask Before Buying Your New Kitchen

If you’re pricing a kitchen renovation, it can be tough to figure out why one quoted cost is so much different than another. Is one simply overpriced or is there something hidden in (or missing from) that lower quote that you’re not seeing?

Unfortunately, unless you know which questions to ask, you may end up with a kitchen that is very different than the one you had envisioned. Here’s our list of the most important points to check when you’re comparing offers:

The Price is Lower But…

1. Are the cabinets solid wood or constructed with furniture board?

2. Will the drawers fully extend or stop at 3/4 extension?

3. Is the necessary trim (light rail, toe kicks, scribe, and crown) included in the cost?

4. Where do clearances need to be placed so that drawers and cabinets open correctly?

5. Are the drawer boxes stapled or dove-tailed?

6. How thick is the bottom of each cabinet and what is the weight capacity?

7. Does the quote include 6-way adjustable hinges with soft-close for a tighter, more-level fit?

8. Is the countertop thickness the full 3cm needed to resist cracking with normal kitchen wear and tear (like holding heavy pots)?

9. Is the granite you chose sealed (and will it require additional sealing once installed)?

10. How resistant is the type of countertop you’ve chose to abuse (like scratching, heat, and staining) and what type of cleaner is needed to maintain it?

What about questions specific to your home?

Instead of outsourcing to regional designers who never meet customers like many warehouse home improvement stores, we pride ourselves on developing a relationship with every customer. At MRD, you are not a number to be “looked up” in the system.

We’ll recognize you on the way in the door, remember your priorities, check in with your contractor to keep progress moving, and help you overcome any challenges that come up along the way.

Meet Mike Z!

Our dedicated kitchen & bathroom design specialist has over 15 years of experience helping homeowners create their ideal kitchens.

A father of three with a PhD in 20th Century American History, Mike started his work in kitchen design at a big box home improvement store. There he saw customers struggle with availability of custom options, disjointed service, and add on charges.

He chose to join the MRD family because, in addition to more personalized service, he is able to offer customers a better selection of wood species, inset doors, and other features.

Mike is a firm believer that there is a “project for every purse” and his goal is to create a space that meets your needs, style, and budget.

All the Extras

You don’t have to deal with sub-par customer service to access all the options you see advertised by the big box stores!

✔️ Free Professional Design Consultation
✔️ Free 3D Rendering of Your New Space
✔️ Financing (to cover labor & materials)
✔️ Quality Materials
✔️ Installation

Our #1 goal is outstanding customer satisfaction. This means that we are invested in your long-term happiness and the success of your project, not just in making the sale today.

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