New Deck – No Stress! Your quick guide to getting started is here!

What will a new deck mean for your family? More than just adding equity or improving curb appeal…

It will mean soaking in the warmth of spring afternoons, watching the sunrise on cool summer mornings with a blanket and a cup of coffee, and relaxing in the glow of a cozy campfire in the crisp fall air. It will be a place of peace. A place to unwind. An easy escape and a breath of fresh air.

Your deck will be more than just another space in your home. It’ll be an investment in yourself and your family – the space where memories are made.

Getting Started

It can seem overwhelming when the process of adding a new deck isn’t something you’re familiar with. One of the easiest ways to get started is to use Trex’s AR Visualizer App or their Deck Designer tool to start planning your space.

This is a great way to begin envisioning how and when you’ll use the space the most. Be sure to plan room for both seating and storage, lighting for evening enjoyment, and safety features like railings and gates for the little people and pets in your life.

Putting it Together

How about your budget? It can be intimidating to start the process not knowing if what you’re expecting to spend will get you the deck space you’re envisioning.

With the wild swings in the lumber and building materials market over the last four years, it’s no longer as simple as asking a friend or neighbor what their project cost to get an idea of what you’ll be spending to achieve the same result.

So, how can you get an idea if your vision is within reach? Besides allowing you to map out your ideas quickly and easily, Trex’s Deck Designer program also provides an approximate cost for materials. This estimate includes decking boards, substructure (like support posts and beams), stairs, and railings.

It’s important to know that the cost of labor for installation is separate and varies by location. If you’re looking for a general idea to start planning, installation of a 12×12 deck on even ground with one set of stairs starts at around $4,500 in our area. We’d be happy to connect you with an experienced, reputable contractor who will be able to give you a more precise estimate for your specific needs and situation.

Need Financing Options?

Want to start making memories now but a little short on the cash needed to get building? We also offer low-interest financing to cover both the materials for your project and the labor for installation.

Maybe you’re looking to DIY the installation, but not sure you’d like to rely completely on YouTube videos to get it done? Our experienced team members are happy to provide a complete list of all the materials you’ll need, diagrams for the build, and answers to your questions.

Organizing a project timeline to minimize delays during construction and cost engineering your material selection to give you the most quality for your money are things we pride ourselves on helping you with.

Treated vs Trex

Just as important as planning for how you’ll enjoy time in your new space is being realistic about how you don’t want to spend your time on the new deck. Unless yearly sanding and staining sounds fun, it’s important to look at the cost of your deck over time when you’re deciding on treated lumber vs. composite deck boards.

When to Get Going

Thinking you’ll be ready to start your new deck in a few months? Then you need to take action TODAY.

With reputable contractors booking jobs months in advance, “starting today” means planning your space, securing financing if necessary, ordering materials, and getting your contractor scheduled to complete the work if you want to start enjoying your new space when spring arrives.

Whether you’re just beginning to develop a plan or already have your vision mapped out, our team is here to help turn your decking project dream into an investment that you’ll be happy you made for years to come. Contact us to get started today!

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