3 Ways to Make Replacing Windows Easy

If you’re feeling stressed thinking about replacement windows or having a hard time getting started, it’s probably because you’re worried that you’re not going to choose the best option for you when there are so many available.

You already know that simply going with the lowest price is not the way to ensure that your project will deliver long-term satisfaction for your hard-earned money… just like when you make decisions about which doctor you’ll use or which vehicle you’ll drive. So, where should you start?

Here’s How to Make the Process Stress-Free…

1. Use a Local Supplier

National replacement-only companies spend a lot of money on sales and marketing, but are often less diligent about the quality of their products and customer satisfaction after the sale.

While advertisements from window replacement services are enticing with offers of a quick, easy, and cheap installation, they do not offer the same quality you will find from a local building materials supplier like MRD Lumber. Even replacement window companies whose brand name is similar to a reputable line are not made to the same standards as the products bought directly from a certified dealer.

Talking with experts from a local building materials supplier who are experienced in window replacement means that you’ll get the best advice on which installation method and type of windows are the best fit for you, rather than simply the limited options offered by a replacement service.

2. Hire a Contractor Experienced in Window Replacement

Professional installation by an experienced contractor will make your new windows more energy-efficient, increase their lifespan, and provide a beautiful finish that you can enjoy both inside and out.

Instead of simply the one-size-fits-all option offered by an installation service, an independent contractor will walk you through all your options when quoting the job.

They’ll give you the pros and cons of retro-fitting vs. full-frame replacement, as well as all the types available, from single-hung to hopper windows. Just because you already have a certain type of window does not mean it is the best fit for the structure, the location, or your needs.

3. Consider Warranties

While no one wishes for complications, defects that lead to stress-cracks and moisture damage can happen even with quality products and expert installation.

This is why we have an in-house window expert available to resolve our customers’ service issues quickly and efficiently – without having to wait for a representative from the manufacturer.

Whether it’s at the time of delivery, during construction, or after the job has been completed, our window expert will be there to iron out the problem quickly – arriving within 1-2 days of your call to begin resolving the issue.

Consider the Cost Over Time

Windows that are assembled with sub-par materials and workmanship will require more maintenance and will need costly repairs sooner than those built with care and installed by skilled craftsmen.

Short on funds? Don’t feel like you need to settle for lower quality windows and worry about costly repairs in the near future. We have financing available that will help cover the cost of materials and labor!

MRD is committed to carrying brands that combine time-tested engineering and craftsmanship with up-to-date styles and features.

Put us on your team from the very beginning, and our knowledgeable staff can help you make decisions you’ll be happy with for years to come.

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