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Ready for a new kitchen but your bank account has another idea?

You may still be able to get a new kitchen by cutting some costs. 

Looking Into Laminates

Homeowners who want copper accents but don't want to pay top dollar for the real thing can install a metallic laminate that mimics the look of real copper. It looks like copper tiled back-splash but it's actually copper-colored foil hand-wrapped.


Finding Alternatives

Concrete countertops are becoming increasingly more popular because they are inexpensive and relatively easy to DIY. Another alternative to granite or quartz is Corian which is more durable than laminate but has similar looks to granite.


Shop Salvage and Get Creative

Check out your local restaurant supply or salvage store, where you can purchase a commercial oven, refrigerator, rolling carts and shelves, and even the kitchen sink for a fraction of retail price so, you can splurge more in other areas of your kitchen.

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