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When to DIY & When to Call the Pros

When starting your home renovation is common to ask yourself if this is something you can do yourself or maybe this is a task to hire a professional. There can be many tradeoffs that include: time, confidence, and budget.

Today, there are so many resources that can help do-it-yourselfers, such as how-to videos on YouTube or step-by-step books. The first step in deciding is determining if you feel comfortable and have the skills to complete your project with positive results or if you are willing to expand your knowledge to get the job done.

Try to avoid doing DIY on projects that, if performed incorrectly, could have hazardous results, for instance, poor electric work that blows circuits or even causes fires. Most projects can be DIY'ed but there are a few things you want to avoid, which are electrical, plumbing, and heating work. 

Another thing to consider is the expectations of the finished product. If the project can be nothing less then perfection it may be best to leave it to the Pros, but if you're okay with a few perfections then DIYing could be the way to go.  Homeowners can also act as their own general contractor, so you can tackle the tasks you feel comfortable doing and then hiring subcontractors for tasks you're unsure of handling on your own. 


Here are some things you can DIY vs What you should probably call a Pro for by the projects room:



-  Lamintate Counter, Sink/ Faucet, or Appliance Replacement

- Resurfacing Cabinets

- Battery Powered Under Cabinet Lighting


- Move/ Install Plumbing

- Installing High-End Countertops

- Running Gas Lines

- Hardwire Under Cabinet Lighting

- Removing Walls




- Installing Flooring or Tile

- Replacing Vanity, Mirror, Toilet, or Sink/Faucet

- Battery Powered Under Cabinet Lighting



- Run Electric For In-Floor Heating

- Run Ventilation

- Move/ Install Plumbing

- Expanding Bathroom Size


Room Remodels/ Additions


- Painting/ Wallpapering

- Installing Doors, Trim, Drywall, Trim, or Insulation

- Change Electrical Fixtures or Hardware on Doors



- HVAC, Plumbing, & Electrical Installation

- Pouring Foundation

- Adding Addition to House

- Installing Skylights, Metal Roofs, New Siding, or Masonry Work.

- Waterproofing Basement


Outdoor Projects


- Building a Simple Deck, Shed, Retaining Wall, or Fence.


- Building an In-Ground Pool or Complex Decks

- Installing an In-Ground Sprinkler System

- Running Electric to Outbuilding


If you need a contractor to help you with your home projects, we are happy to refer you to a reputable contractor in your area!! 

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