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    Kitchen & Bath Services

    We provide professional kitchen and bath services for contractors and homeowners. Beyond the materials, we provide design and custom work. Learn more about our kitchen and bath options.

    Our Kitchen & Bath Services

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    Kitchen & Bath Inspiration Gallery


    View our portfolio of kitchen and bath products, complete constructions, and visual library of our services for inspiration and ideas of what can be done to your kitchen or bathroom when you work with MRD Lumber.


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      Laverne LeidLaverne Leid
      12:35 11 May 24
      Mrd has been supplying our Construction Building Supplies for 18 Plus Years now! I appreciate their Expertise in Knowing what it takes to get our Projects done! They go above & Beyond! Would Recommend them to anyone! Very Knowledgeable in Construction! They deserve 5 Stars!
      Paul PetryPaul Petry
      12:09 11 Apr 24
      Joban SandhuJoban Sandhu
      12:46 08 Apr 24
      Fast unloading
      Derlyn GarmanDerlyn Garman
      23:22 30 Mar 24
      13:35 05 Feb 24
      Nice place. Nice people
      Wesley GehmanWesley Gehman
      16:08 11 Jan 24
      MRD is an excellent in working with customers and contractors with their custom millwork options. Very professional and personable experience.
      Great staff, sweet value and helpful employees, timely manner when production is needed
      Matt NoltMatt Nolt
      12:47 13 Oct 23
      The staff at MRD are friendly and knowledgeable of the products they supply. They sell kitchens, windows, doors, trim, lumber, custom millwork, shingles, siding, and more. The products sold here are a better quality then you will find at the large box stores and reasonably priced.

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